Doraemon Tofu

B-CARRY is the only one company which has the license to produce “Doraemon Tofu” in the world.

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Beau Tea 美茶

The first floor features a relaxed cafe with tea from France, Japan and Vietnam, and the second floor features a feminine space where the ceiling, walls and tables are all in pink. This is a very popular store with 18,000 followers on SNS.

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Beau Tea Soy

A store specializing in soy milk. We use the most delicious soy milk in Vietnam.


Street restaurant where you can customize and order the ingredients and noodle types at the store. There are noodles that cannot be easily found in other stores, such as halal noodles manufactured by Nissin Vietnam. Enjoy in the STREET FOOD MARKET.


Operates Vietnam's first store of Skyluck, a popular fast food chain with over 300 stores in Thailand.

Tama Japanese Sweet

Original character in Vietnam, cat "Tama-chan". We sell baby castella that is familiar with traditional Japanese sweets.